Your Angels are Bored!

December 8Blog-01One of the most surprising & beneficial things I’ve learned on this journey is how bored my Angels have been most of my life! Did you know that your Angels CANNOT help you unless you ask? It’s called free will. The gift from God that lets us live our lives as we wish. Because we have free will, our divine helpers cannot intervene unless asked. If you think about that, that is really what praying is. It is when we look up and start to ask for help. It’s usually something big or scary and you find yourself making promises and “deals” in return for help. But our Angels are there for us for every single want and need. Small or Large, Silly or Important. Our Angels want to help us so much! They love us unconditionally, know our journeys and our struggles, and are waiting patiently for you to ask for anything to give them something to do!

We have many divine helpers, but our Guardian Angels are with us for life. I learned the most about Angels from a wonderful Angel expert, Paulette Salo. Her website is full of information and tips on how to work with your Angels. She also is known as the Angel Artist. Her story is amazing! I encourage you to check it out on her website. She has painted one of my Guardian Angels (Katya) and channeled a beautiful message from her for me. It is a treasured gift! I have given each of my daughters a painting of their Angel which hangs in their rooms and reminds them to talk to them and keep them in mind in their daily lives. I went to a seminar by Paulette where she taught us how to talk to our Angels. She helped us understand that there is nothing too small to ask for. She gave examples that I now use everyday…help me get to work on time, help me to find a parking space, help me find the words I need, and on and on. Now I even ask my Angels to watch the stuff in my car every time I lock the doors and walk away. So once you know how to ask for help, there is nothing that they can’t help you with! Trust me they are soooooo excited to have something to do!

How to make a request from your Angels (in Paulette’s words)….

  • You ask for what you desire
  • You give thanks as though you have already received it
  • You let go of the results! (the control of the outcome)

This way the Angels have the permission they need to work upon your behalf.  If you continue to think about how things could happen for you, they let go of their work and allow you to do what you are thinking about.  You have stopped the Angels from accomplishing your desires for your highest good.  YOU DON’T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN!  Your Angels are so much better at doing for you than you are!

Being grateful changes your vibration – your energy.  This change creates new events in your life and draws bigger and better experiences and more loving people into your life.  The more you are grateful, the higher the vibration and the more wonderful people and experiences come to you.  It is simple, but not easy!  It’s a conscious action at first and then it becomes a habit, a wonderful habit that creates miracles for you.

Angels are in awe of our beautiful souls and only want to make our lives easier, happier and better.  Allow them to do their job by talking with them and telling them when you need them, and, most of all, be grateful for all that you already have!

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