You are NOT Crazy!


I have been on a wild ride since my dad died late in 2012. I was very fortunate that until then, I really had no reason to think about Heaven or my belief system. Sure I had some distant relatives and friends’ family members pass away, but no one that took a direct piece of my heart with them when they left.

My apologies for those who have heard my personal story many times, but it all started with a very crazy book! “Do Dead People Watch you in the Shower?”. 

My heart-sister Krissie called me one day, and told me to read the book asap! I did. I loved it and the conversations it started within me. I called my Dad, sent him the book, and told him we were going to chat about it all over coffee in his living room in October on my next trip home. Together we had the best chat about our beliefs, hopes for what life is truly about, and what happens to us when we die. In the end, My Dad said, “Well, I hope the book is right!”. Little did I know how timely this little chat was… Only a month later, my Dad got sick with some crazy little stuff that added up fast and landed him in the hospital. 3 weeks later of a cycle of getting better, then worse, he very expectantly passed away.

As many of you know when someone you love dies, it feels like the wind is knocked out of you and you are lost for quite awhile. That was me until the following May 2013. We were having a small ceremony at the cemetery to bury my dad’s ashes. Towards the end, when the pastor was in the middle of a prayer, about 6 bald eagles started screeching and flying right overhead. They were like dancing in the sky trying to get noticed. We all looked up in silence and watched them soar around. My Uncle Doug broke the silence by saying, “Well look at that, Jackie boy is saying hello!”. This was my A-HA moment. I was filled with an instant knowing that my Dad was indeed there, sending us the birds to make his presence known. I was so comforted that my grief melted away and I actually felt joy for the first time in months. He wasn’t truly gone, he was just somewhere else we couldn’t see. Just like the book said it was!

This new revelation, enlightenment, awareness, whatever you want to call it, took over. I started reading every book on Heaven I could get my hands on. I started talking to Dad! I started feeling him around me, and he was having fun sending my brother and I all kinds of birds as signs of his presence. There were so many examples to share back and forth in amazement. But in the back of your mind, you do think you are making it up or just hoping that it is true. My neighbor Connie gave me the wonderful gift of going to see a Medium for the first time. I had never considered this before. On my way to see Maureen Allen, I had a little chat in the car with my Dad. I told him I wanted to know 1- how he was; 2- if he sent the birds; and 3-  if the book was right! A little test to see if he could hear me. Without Maureen even knowing my name, she told me all three things almost verbatim, along with many other wonderful things confirming his presence and awareness of what was happening in my life and that of his cherished grandbabies.

Fast-forward a few years and here I am sharing this with anyone I can. To know we are not left alone and they are with us just on another level is so comforting and healing. When I have the honor of giving messages from Heaven to someone, it is pure amazement and joy for me. To see someone believe is a magical moment. Your imagination is not playing tricks on you when certain unexplained things happened around you. It is really hard for them to contact us because the vibrations here on Earth are really low. It takes them a lot of energy, so there are ways that make is easier for them to communicate with us. You are NOT crazy if you all of a sudden smell your Grandma’s perfume, see a penny out of nowhere, hear your name in your head, or that super special song starts playing on the radio! Even though they’re physically gone, they can still be near us from time to time and I wanted to share some ways for you to pay attention to…


13 Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Trying To Contact You
By Forever Consciousness

1. You smell them
When the spirit of a loved one is near, it can manifest in a number of ways. One of the more common ways is scent. The way someone smells is often the strongest connection to them. It can be the smell of pipe tobacco or perfume, or even the odor of your favorite food being prepared. Appreciate it. It’s a message being sent directly to you from your deceased loved one.

2. Your senses are extra sensitive
Spirits like to stimulate the senses when they communicate. You might smell a scent that is familiar to you, one that a loved one used to wear. Or maybe you’ll hear faint traces of their voice, speaking to you. The room might suddenly drop in temperature, or they’ll rub up against you. Or maybe you get a taste in your mouth from a dish that they used to make. These are all ways that a spirit will reach out to you.

3. Seashells
Sometimes, even when you’re far away from the ocean, you find seashells. It may seem kind of random, but they say your loved ones offer you gifts after they pass, and seashells are one that grab your attention.

4. They appear in your dreams
This is one of the more common ways that spirits interact with us. Our subconscious minds are more open to the spirit world, often allowing them to come in. Dreams involving spirits tend to be incredibly realistic and not very dreamlike. Pay close attention to what they might mean. It could be a message from beyond the grave.

5. Electronics stop working, or they all start working at once
Electronics are one of the most common mediums through which a spirit will attempt to communicate with you. If you keep a radio in the room, they could attempt to speak to you through a specific frequency. Remember that these spirits are not here to hurt you.
You may be frightened at what’s happening, but they’re simply trying to find a way to reach you from the other side.

6. Pennies
They say that when you begin finding lots of pennies, it means that your loved ones are watching over you. Angels do a lot with pennies too.

7. Your items go missing
It can feel like you’ve lost your mind when you find items have been moved from the place you know you left them. It could be a dead relative or friend playing a joke on you.
It sounds silly, but just because they’re dead doesn’t mean they’ve lost their desire to screw with you. Laugh it off.

8. You just know that they’re nearby
Sometimes we get these strange feelings that we’re not alone anymore. It’s not something you can readily describe, but you know that you feel different about your surroundings suddenly. This can be a sign that a deceased loved one is close to you, or at least in the room with you. You sense a presence, one that is comforting and loving.

9. Music
One thing I noticed after my grandmother passed away was that suddenly all of her favorite music was appearing to me. I’d put on my Nirvana station on Pandora and, out of the blue, her favorite song by Dean Martin would come on. Then I’d get in my car, switch to the local public radio station, and there it is again.

10. Unusual thoughts
You may experience having thoughts that don’t feel like they’re yours, almost like your internal monologue has been co-opted. This may be a sign that your passed loved ones are still with you. If you feel like you’ve had a foreign thought, take some time to think about it. Especially when your inner monologue starts talking to you as if it isn’t you.

11. Numbers
When my father died, I was completely distraught. Over time, I recovered from that loss and carried on with my normal day to day life. It was then that I began to notice it. His birthday. 7.22. Every time I looked at my watch, it was 7:22. When I looked at clocks, 7:22. Put up a random YouTube video and it’s 7 minutes and 22 seconds long. I realize now it was my passed father trying to reach me.

12. Signs at the funeral
According to James Van Praagh, a renowned psychic, our spirits attend our own funerals. They roam the room, trying to comfort their loved ones and give them signs that everything is okay. Often, because people are so absorbed in their grief, these signs go unseen. When attending a funeral, stay open to the signs they offer.

13. You feel a sudden sense of comfort
Sudden feelings of easiness, comfort, safety and stability are all signs that someone from the spirit realm is watching out for us. Our loved ones who are no longer with us want us to know that we are still loved and have someone looking out for us. So, they like to visit us during times of duress or when we need someone to lean on.If your recent hard time has been met with sudden feelings of comfort and support, you can be sure that they are with you.


If you have questions or you’d like to learn more, let me know. I have a ton of books I can recommend. If you’d like a chance to hear from a loved one in heaven, let me know that too. I have many ways to help you out. I will continue to share stories and resources on the subject because enlightenment is a wonderful gift to share. By the way, dead people CAN watch you in the shower but they DON’T. 🙂

In Love & Light, Cari

2 Comments Add yours

  1. hmertins says:

    I know exactly what you mean. My late husband’s favorite bird was the bright red male cardinal. I moved cities to support my elderly parents and for almost three years I rarely, rarely saw cardinals. I saw many when I still lived in the house we had shared. The day the photo for my book was taken a bright red male cardinal showed up and stayed near by for sometime. Seeing them is rare enough that the photographer got excited and started snapping shots of the bird. The shots of me turned out pretty good too. I’m sorry to hear about your dad. Grief is hard. I lost both my parents in the last 12 months as well as my husband and brother in recent years. It can be tough but they are there when I need them and they do guide me. It will get easier. If you feel a little overwhelmed check out a free preview of my book on or google play books. I hope it helps. You are not alone and as you know you are not crazy. Stay well, Heike


    1. carimosher says:

      Thanks for the note Heike! I will peek at your book.


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