Put on your Pistachio Shell!

Have you noticed that your energy shifts and changes when you are around certain people or places? Did your mood all of a sudden change from happy to grumpy? What happens when you walk into a crowded space? These are things that I didn’t even know affected me until I became aware of their impact on me. I have discovered I am an Empath. By definition, being an empath is when you are affected by other people’s energies, and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others. Your life is unconsciously influenced by others’ desires, wishes, thoughts, and moods. 30 Traits of an empath is a fascinating read. We all are empaths to some degree, just some are more tolerant or sensitive than others.

So I have learned very quickly that I need to do what I can to control the energy around me. I want to share with you my tricks for dealing with it because it has been life-changing! I no longer come home with all that extra “gunk” attached to me, others’ moods and negativity bounces off, and I feel much lighter by the end of the day….

  1. Put on your Pistachio Shell! The best advice I have ever received was intentionally protect myself every morning. When I wake up, after getting dressed and ready to head out the door, I imagine stepping into an empty pistachio shell. Crazy, I know, but it works! I step into this imaginary shell (and I can see thru the crack). I then ask the Universe “Please shield and protect me from all energy that is not mine”. I say “Thank you” and go ahead with my day. You don’t have to remember to take it off at night either if you are wondering. This is a game-changer! You can honestly picture any type of protection you want. Maybe it’s a coat of armor, or a golden bubble of white light. As long as you set the intention and visualize yourself protected it will do the trick.
  2. When I shower, I also ask the Universe to rinse me clean of all unwanted, unused, and negative energy that is not mine, or no longer serves me and send it down the drain for Mother Earth to recycle. I imagine the water carrying all the crud away from my head to my toes and down the drain it goes! It is refreshing and cleansing and so quick and easy. Just as important as soap!
  3. Pay attention to who energizes you and who drains you. Then spend your time wisely with them. Energy is indeed contagious so you get more of what you are around.
  4. You can send the energy back to the owner! When someone is upset, negative, or down right rude, I catch their energy and push it back to them. I say in my head, “I give you back your energy to deal with, I do not want it”. This can be fun and much better than walking off with it, and ruining your day.

These are my top tips. Anyone can do this and feel the change. I have my daughters do it before school or stressful situations. For the most part this is all I need to stay energy-healthy. I do use some crystals and need extra clearing for my chakras regularly, but we will get more into that another time.

In Love + Light, C

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