your october love note from the universe

Happy Fall Bloomers!
I am happy to be back from my summer break and boy have I done a ton of enlightenment work with my D-team!
I have so many things to share with you. It’s hard to even know where to start. In short, I have been guided to share my experiences with anyone who wants to listen. To teach what I am learning myself. I need to help spread love and light across this beautiful planet. We need it now more than ever. The world feels darker and more harsh recently. We all feel it with every new act of violence or heart-wrenching news story. If we all can raise our vibrations of love and light, we can help make the world feel friendlier and full of love again. It will be contagious. It will make a difference. Just a few changes grow and spread! It is the law of attraction we need to tap into. I’ll teach you how. I’ll share with you ways that are so easy and feel so good! This is why we are here together!

I want to start October with a reading from the Universe for all of us. They want us to know some very important things that will help us be strong and feel connected and guided here on earth.

For the Beginning of the Month…Perform every act as if it were your last.
I am sure this message is a reminder for us after watching the tragedies in Las Vegas. We never know what lies ahead, but we need to cherish and be grateful for every single day we have. We need to treat it with specialness and be mindful of its beauty. We need to make every decision and choice as if our whole life could be changed because of it. Put yourself fully into each moment.

For the Middle of the Month…Wander where there is no path.
I am hearing “Take a Risk!” “Go for it!” Fear is our biggest obstacle when we know what we want or what we need to do. The energy around the 10th will propel us forward and give us the courage to do something we have been wanting to do. Seize the energy and step off the path. Your current path is safe and the route is defined. When you choose to go your own way, the Universe can finally help manifest all your dreams. Co-create your journey however you want. There is no right or wrong way. Every step will be perfect and lead you step by step to where you will find your inner most desires. Be clear on what you want so they know how to help!

For the End of the Month…To be sure of the road, close your eyes and walk in the dark.
So obviously, you’ve stepped off the path by a little or a lot. But this message is to remind us that we also need to not control the outcome. By closing our eyes to what lies ahead and trusting, we allow the Universe to provide the most wonderful guidance. Listen to your intuition. Listen to the small voice within. Trust that what you feel and hear is the help you need. Say the prayer, “Open a new road to me today” and expect the unexpected. When it appears, accept the gift.

In Love & Light,

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